How to Identify Trustworthy Merchants When Shopping Online

There are many and many sellers online that would like to have the content of your bank account. Unfortunately when shopping online, it is very difficult to tell a fraud form a honest seller.

The Internet is mostly anonymous. People hide behind fake names and emails. There are people and companies out there that are not as friendly as others. So how to make a right choice?

Online shopping

If you are ordering from Amazon or eBay, you should always opt for the sellers that are high-rated. They have a user feedback, read them and make up your mind. Please remember, that there are people who are never satisfied with anything and tend to say bad things about everything. See, if anyone else has bought the same product and what they thought about it. Also remember to check out the best online shopping sites that are suggested by your friends. 60% of all shopping is done online and surely your closest people have their faves!

If it’s to good to be true, it must be!

There are online sites that offer too low prices for some products (let’s say designer products). This is where you should be extra careful. It is very likely that those things are 1) knock-offs, 2) stolen, 3) damaged goods, 4) all of the above. Here are some tips how to recognize a fake web-site. Start form the design. The “bad” websites usually have a mediocre design with a few features. The products displayed are not accurately described or have low quality photos. Normally they also lack customer service or have a dodgy email address (ending with or The biggest alert has to be the price. Always compare the prices on different websites to be sure you won’t overpay.

BIG sellers.

The availability of the best online stores do not depend on the county you live in, because most of them offer delivery all over the world (for free). Of course, you’ll have to pay attention there too. Make sure that you are eligible for free shipping and if not, find out exactly, how much you’ll spend. Find out how long the delivery will be and where from the parcel will be shipped and if there will be any custom fees.

Payment options

Check out what payment options are offered and if they are secure or not. You probably won’t go wrong with Paypal and other known money transfer options. If the method is not familiar to you or seems suspicious in any way, contact the customer service and ask additional information. Sometimes it is better not to make the purchase at all and try to find your product elsewhere.

There are many aspects to be considered regarding online shopping, so here are some points to remember:

· If your first notion of the website it not positive, leave and never look back

· If you have any complaints, turn to customer service, they have to help you

· If the products look cheap, they probably are

· You get what you pay for – low priced shoes will not last you 5 years

· Listen what others have to say (other buyers, your friends or family)

All in all, online shopping is fun! But you would probably not give your money to a total stranger – so do not do it online. Have a look around before you pay and make sure that you will really get what is being sold. For some help, see the lists of the best online shopping sites for apparel that have accurate descriptions of the sites and payment/delivery methods.

Happy shopping!

Christmas Holiday Shopping Online: 5 Tips to Get the Most out of Your Online Shopping Experience

Christmas is just around the corner and many people are turning to the internet for their Christmas Holiday Shopping to save time, money, gas, and avoid the crowds. Can a good deal really be found online? Is it safe to purchase online? Where are the best places to shop online? Keep reading for some tips to make your holiday shopping online a little easier.

Great deals on the net…

Can a good deal be found online? Most definitely yes! Most large retailers have an online store and many run internet only specials, that translates into savings for you. Many stores are only found online as the cost to run an online store is less expensive than a brick and mortar store. Since these stores don’t have the high overhead they can provide some great deals that will only be found online. Price isn’t the only factor to consider when shopping for an item though. When searching for that special gift you will have a greater selection online and you won’t have to travel or beat the crowds. Instead of the local mall you can shop the world, all from the comfort of your own home. You are bound to find unique gifts online!

Shopping online is not only convenient it is safe when you follow a few simple rules.

5 Tips to Keep in Mind When Doing Your Christmas Holiday Shopping Online

1). Comparison shopping is a must, just like in regular stores. Don’t just think you are getting a good deal – know you are!

2). Know the shipping and handling costs before you make your purchase. Some stores may offer a great price only to make up for it with the shipping and handling charges. On the other hand, many stores offer free shipping!

3). Make sure the online store is reputable. Do they have a return policy and a privacy statement that you can live with? Do they offer secure purchases? You should only make online purchases through a site that offers secure purchases. Most sites that offer secure purchases will display it. For those that do not, look for the http: in the address bar to change to https: on the store’s shopping cart or the page where you put in your credit card number.

4). Make sure the online store includes complete contact information, including a phone number, e-mail address, and mailing address.

5). It’s best to make your online purchases with a credit card. A credit card offers you an extra level of protection in case something goes awry and the online store is not handling the situation to your satisfaction. Most credit card companies will reverse a charge if you dispute it for good reason and have tried to resolve the problem to no avail.

Holiday shopping can be stressful but by doing your Christmas holiday shopping online you can have an easier time of it. The World Wide Web offers many benefits to online Christmas shoppers such as, no lines, great deals and the widest variety of products. Go ahead, give it a try you may just be pleasantly surprised at how stress free your holiday shopping can be.

Smart Ways To Shop Online

Online shopping is the most convenient way to shop, but it does have its drawbacks. Like anything on the internet, we need to be careful about what information we give out, especially when it comes to our money and our identity, but on the upside we also have the ability to conduct the proper research to find out if we’re getting the best deals we possibly can.

First and foremost, be careful where you order from. Before purchasing anything online, make sure it is from a company you know and trust. If you’re looking to score some items from an unfamiliar place or online seller, be sure to do some research before purchasing. Also, if you’re uncomfortable about giving out your credit card information, you can use a service like PayPal instead. Always be sure to check your credit or debit card statements after you make an online purchase to ensure that the payment went through without issue, and also remember to clear your cookies and browser history after entering your personal information to clear it from your system. This also prevents your browser from saving your credit card data and automatically inserting it by accident.

Shopping online opens us up to a wealth of products, giving shoppers access to bargain priced designer products, hard-to-find items, one-of-kind items as well as unique pieces and plenty of options to choose from right at our fingertips. The opportunities can be overwhelming but come in a pinch when we’re looking for something specific that nearby stores just don’t seem to have. Often most stores have a wider array of available products in their online stores versus on-site locations and even at warehouses or outlet centers. More size and color options are also in abundance, and us shoppers have the advantage of buyer’s reviews and best-sellers lists at our fingertips to help us make the perfect fashion choices. There are also more ways to save when we shop online. Though there is often a shipping and handling fee, most sites offer free shipping if your order comes to a certain total, and when you factor in gas mileage to physically get to a store to buy the same products, this can save you a lot of money. Additionally, there are sites like that offer exclusive online coupon codes to get you additional savings. If you tend to shop at certain stores often, be sure to sign up for their mailing list. Some sites offer a discount when you sign up, send exclusive coupons to subscribers, or give subscribers first notice of a sale or other info about new products.

Best personal things to shop online for are generally fashion accessories because they do not have any sizes and therefore, they can save you from the hassle and costs of shipping and return shipping. There are tons of accessories available online now. It is all about being smart at online shopping. Searching for items you would like to buy in a more specific way or directing your search towards specific items helps focusing on the right websites and right places. Most people these days shop on online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay just because of the security purpose, and also for the ease of not having to enter all your information over and over. Although there are very secure online websites available these days. When you see some products on a website you have never shopped from before, you can always do some research on this website on Google, by entering their name and seeing how many pages come up, whether or not there is any spam report.

If you follow these guidelines, one can shop online for fashion accessories or other items very easily from the comfort of their homes.